Reconsidering the suburbs in the context of expansive urbanization

Oana-Diana Ciuperca

Rezumat/Abstract. The article brings forward two main ideas: the living fact that urban sprawl is nowadays the most common reaction of hyper-urbanisation of the big cities and the lack of experience in the european space in how to deal with this phenomenon, in terms of people’s needs, the role that these satelite settlements receive in the urban system, and the dependency to the „mother city”. Nevertheless, Romanian cities have yet to find a solution for preventing the uncontrolable urban sprawl, which leads to economic and social gaps between these new areas and the main city’s. The reference suburb used for comparisson is Pantelimon Town, a small urban area, adiacent to Bucharest, and completely dependent of it’s range of services and labour market.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban sprawl, functionality, polarization, morphology, development, hierarchy

Text integral/Full text