Behavior of ceramic facades to lateral actions

Claudiu-Lucian Matei, Cristian Grigoraşenco

Rezumat/Abstract. Seismic behavior of the structural elements of the envelopes, conceived in the form of ventilated facades, constitutes a permanent concern for manufacturers of such elements. The absence of specific regulations for the calculation and detailing of these types of structures in seismic areas implies the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the strength and safety in service. Declaration by the manufacturers of the insurance of exigencies of strength and stability and also safety in operation, as specified in Law no 10/2005, represents an ongoing concern for manufacturers of such systems, when marketing these type of construction on the Romanian construction market. On the basis of manufactures projects comparative tests were conceived and performed for different sizes of enveloping ceramic elements, in order to establish their behavior for lateral actions.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: design, facades, ceramics

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