Reducerea consumului de energie cu ajutorul materialelor termoizolante

Carmen Dico, Andreea Hegyi, Nicolae Benche

Rezumat/Abstract. The increase of demand for renovation and thermal rehabilitation, together with the EU legislation adoption through which it wants the reduction of energy use, it led the increasing of insulation materials demand and the necesity for continuous innovation in this area. In this paper it presents a synthesis of information regarding the materials and the ways to reduce the energy consumption and achieving the buildings thermal insulation, in the EU countries. Also, it is presented a comparative study of the advantages and disadvantages of using some of the most common insulating materials on the Romanian market (expanded polystyrene, BCA type plate and MULTIPOR type plate). Although it cannot certainly affirm the superiority of a type of material over another, it was identified the trend of innovation through the existing of MULTIPOR type material, developed on the sustainability principles, which tends to combine some advantages of expanded polystyrene with other suitable properties, characteristic on mineral type materials.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: insulation materials, thermal conductivity, thermal transmittance

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