Comportarea stâlpilor LEA la fenomene meteorologice extreme

Cristina Câmpian, Vincenţiu Iuhos, Septimiu Bota, Maria Pop

Rezumat/Abstract. The study aims to an analysis for the overhead power lines columns (LEA) with high voltage subjected to extreme weather phenomena. The overhead power lines columns is a complex study that brings together specialist in the domain of civil, industrial and also in the electrical engineering. LEA overhead power lines columns are usually anchored with trusses having round or polygonal sections. The purpose of the study is the analysis of two types of overhead power columns: one bay opening and a tower two-way consoles. The analysis goes through all the necessary steps for the design and verification of the resistance elements. The assessment of the loading configuration for these types of elements are: dead loads of the power line and elements of the column, loads from the deposits of chicory and wind action.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: LEA, overhead power line, columns, extreme weather phenomena

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