Utilisation de systèmes d'information géotechnique et géographique pour la classification des sites selon RPA 99- ver 2003, dans la région d'Alger

Mohammed Amin Benbouras, Ratiba Mitiche Kettab, Hamma Zedira, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor, Mounaim Mchaala, Fatiha Debiche

Rezumat/Abstract. Geotechnical data gained from site and lab tests are crucial for a safe and economical plan of building and foundation. Accordingly, geotechnical engineer assumes the responsibility of studying the site thoroughly in order to provide promptly and cost-effectively the necessary and sufficient information for predicting the ‎various ‎potential hazards. However, treating geotechnical information integrated by geographical information systems could offer a quick survey, cost-effective and better manipulation of the geotechnical parameter risks in several sites. The current study consists of presenting a geotechnical map consisting of classify Algiers sites according to Algerian seismic code RPA-1999 ver 2003. In order to conduct a reliable study, a wide range of geophysical data consisting of 144 boreholes of down-hole tests has been collected. The proposed map will be very important to engineers, researchers, and builders in the future studies to estimate geotechnical parameters according to site class; helping them to make better decisions, performing safer and more economical designs.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: geotechnical map, potential hazards, geotechnical information systems, geographical information systems, down-hole tests

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