Realităţi şi provocări la nivel internaţional privind utilizarea în construcţii a produselor peliculogene cu proprietăţi termoizolatoare

Irina Popa, Alexandrina Mureşanu

Rezumat/Abstract. In order to be aligned to the current European requirements of building constructions, aiming to high standards of energy efficiency, it is necessary that for the construction of new buildings and reconstruction of the existing ones to be implemented measures to reduce energy consumption, considerations leading to the reality that currently, the application of thermal insulation materials is increasing. The paper presents current technical aspects characteristic for a relatively new category of products, increasingly used in international constructions, but new entered the Romanian market, namely coating products with thermal insulation properties. So, there are treated various aspects about: general composition, determinant compositional factors, chemical structure of various constituent materials, functions that products can meet, advantages and disadvantages of using them in construction, approaches and findings of recent theoretical and experimental international research, and also new types of such products proposed for use abroad.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: coating products, thermal insulation, energy efficiency

Text integral/Full text