Aspecte privind cercetarea şi utilizarea în construcţii a produselor peliculogene cu caracteristici termoizolatoare, la nivel naţional

Irina Popa, Cristian Petcu, Alexandrina Mureşanu

Rezumat/Abstract. Thermal insulation coating products are considered since the '90s as a new way to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency. In this context, nanotechnological coating products recently entered the Romanian market. Generally based on acrylic binder and microspheres of different materials - ceramic, glass, silicon, etc. - the products are of foreign origin, and more recently, indigenous. Regarding the Romanian research in thermal insulation coatings, the paper presents issues of the continuous concern of NIRD URBAN-INCERC, INCERC Branch Bucharest to study new ways to grow the thermal comfort in buildings and also directions that were recently approached in research on innovative new generation coating products having multiple functions, of protection against corrosion, thermal insulation and finishing.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: nanotechnological coatings, thermal insulation, kaolin, perlite

Text integral/Full text