Cercetări experimentale privind posibilitatea dezvoltării compozitelor de tip geopolimer utilizând materiale locale din România

Adrian Lăzărescu, Henriette Szilagyi, Cornelia Baeră, Adrian Ioani, Anamaria Cătălina Mircea

Rezumat/Abstract. The demand for concrete and also for the current infrastructure facilities development are worldwide experiencing exponential growth. Environmental issues associated with the production of Portland cement are very well known and therefore they are carefully monitored, especially in terms of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. Therefore, it is essential to find alternatives, namely creating environmental-friendly materials. The particular procedure of alkali-activating the fly ash, combined with a specific alkaline activator, offers possibilities for the development of a material with cementitious-like properties. Large quantities of fly ash, resulting from electricity production in Romania, open new opportunities for studying and developing Geopolymer composites with local materials, this being the aim of the current research.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: alkali-activation, fly ash, geopolymer

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