Direcţii de valorificare a adaosurilor minerale locale (subproduse sau deşeuri) în materiale cementoase cu caracter inovativ

Henriette Szilagyi, Cornelia Baeră, Adrian Lăzărescu, Anamaria Cătălina Mircea

Rezumat/Abstract. Romania’s adherence to the European Union space involves continuous upgrading for all standards concerning major development directions like: economics, social and political environment, education, research and development, industry, etc., with respect to the UE specific performance criteria. As direct consequence, principles of Sustainability and Circular Economy (CE) should be gradually implemented in all medias, but especially in the industrial area and environment protection, for further waste management optimisation and preservation of natural resources. Developing a sustainable infrastructure by the means of innovative building materials, smart design and technologies represents a large area where these principles can be adapted, verified and potentially valorised. Developing new materials and further on, principles and methods of valorising several types of mineral additions into cementitious composites could represent consistent steps in embracing the above mentioned concepts and ways of integrating them into the nowadays Romanian reality.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: sustainability, circular economy, mineral addition, waste re-conversion, innovative cementitious composites

Text integral/Full text