Valorificarea deşeurilor vegetale în domeniul green-buildings

Vasilica Vasile, Mihaela Ion, Alina Dima, Mariana Cioncu-Puenea, Cora Stamate

Rezumat/Abstract. The results of recent international researches show an increased interest in the development of heat-insulating materials based on vegetable waste due to the production of products with high thermal insulation properties, excellent in terms of sound insulation and low energy consumption in the process manufacturing by comparison with other building materials. The increased interest in the use of renewable resources and the orientation towards the circular economy leads to the use of vegetable waste through the development of innovative building materials. The utilization of the natural materials in the development of stat-of-the art products aims the achieving of the specified performance requirements in the construction field. Thus, the vegetable waste can be successfully valorization nationally through the development of applications, in the concept of green-is-smart, in the form of thermal insulation boards, in which the vegetable material is minimally processed to obtain a product with the homogeneous structure, stable and easy to use.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: vegetable waste, circular economy, green-building

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