Analiza riscului privind implementarea unor proiecte de zona liberă la granita cu Republica Moldova

Marilena Doncean

Rezumat/Abstract. The approach of a theme of economic risk analysis of the free zones at the border with the Republic of Moldova represents a major moment and importance for the scientific research at the present stage in which Romania became active member of the European Union from 01.07.2007.Free zones have now become an economic reality whose impact on the world economy has ceased to be negligible. They highlight natural resources, including land and buildings that are part of the public domain, contributing through multiple facilities to stimulate world trade, individual initiative and private investment, creating new jobs. The present paper deals with the theme of the decision-making underlying the establishment of free zones at the border with the Republic of Moldova and highlights the risks of such a project. The paper brings to attention a series of new issues concerning the impact and opportunity of setting up such areas. During the study of the problems a rigorous methodology was used: extensive bibliographic documentation on free zones, collection and systematization of information on the establishment and development of free zones in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, analysis and theoretical-applicative synthesis on the assessment of a free zone project.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: risk, project, free zones, cost, profit, integration

Text integral/Full text