Performanţa de reacţie la foc a produselor pentru construcţii

Daniela Stoica, Adrian Simion, Horatiu Gabriel Dragne

Rezumat/Abstract. At European level, an appropriate framework has been developed to achieve "European quality" ofproducts, processes and services for the purpose of their European integration by harmonizing national legislation and regulations. The classification of the identified products andtheir inclusion into classes of reaction to fire, resistance to fire and / or external fire performance, are carried out for placing them on the market with the CE conformity marking. The performance levels of construction products to meet the essential fire safety requirement are mandatory for all types and categories of constructions from Romania. For this purpose, the fire reaction performance criteria forconstruction products is a defining feature in setting performance levels, from the point of view of thefire safety of the construction.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: reaction to fire, flashover, classification, SBI, FIGRA, smoke, non combustibility

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