Virtuality and reality of heritage buildings - Part I: Medieval church case studies

Maria Bostenaru Dan, Marina Mihaila, Alex Dill

Rezumat/Abstract. Article connects Medieval England with construction of medieval churches, also investigated for the research network COST TD1406: churches in Germany, Italy, Romania. Examples are cited also from dedicated archives, but also literature narrative the site of the monastery of Maulbronn, included in this exploration along with writings of Hermann Hesse. A specific example underlines the context with the monastery of Cluny, which was explored with augmented reality means by the network. The actuality of the study consists in recent Notre-Dame fire loss, virtual representation being crucial for rebuilding this symbol of Europe and France. Materials and methods are highlighting the contribution and personal expertise of the specialists based on the research achievements and experience within project COST TD1406: Intelligent management of heritage buildings. Also the short term mission of the first author is at the basis of this paper, in a trans_and inter_ disciplinary approach. Results and Discussion is emphasized and connected from archives notes, information and visual materials consisting in proofs of architecture and heritage value, underlines by the structure and power of buildings as society representatives that transcends visual landmarks in literature of the 20th and 21st century. Conclusions are somehow a promo for the necessity of supporting, creating and maintaining in time of an advanced archive of heritage buildings and sites, their new meaning of architecture tools exploitation as VR (virtual reality) for education but also envisaging true contexts through times, augmented realities for visual promotion and working methods, CAD and 3D understanding of construction-forms-expressivity comparative studies, mapping and establishing comprehensive new paradigmatic research subjects.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: virtual reality, heritage buildings, smart city, management, Gothic

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