Cercetarea prin proiect. Mobilitatea ca punct de pornire – o abordarea holistică a locuirii

Dana Chirvai, Alina Voiculet, Nicolae Dinu

Rezumat/Abstract. In the last few decades, the way of building in the urban environment is almost in its entirety a mass of collective, immovable or isolated dwelling buildings on small land and exploiting to maximum extent the urban coefficients admitted in the area. This approach tends to become generalized, generating large dysfunctions as a whole through additions of buildings that do not allow natural light to reach downstairs, access and underdeveloped car parks, lack of green spaces or shared recreation spaces, and generally a disposition of habitation to the isolation of the tenants, the restriction of their communication options, etc. Lately, there have been a lot of urban concepts and solutions that imply a long-term vision that puts the sustainability, ecology and energy efficiency of buildings in the foreground. Research by project within UAUIM is experiencing an increase in the quality of collective living by assembling disparate lands in a common territory. In a holistic vision, the ensemble can be built through a unitary solution that can solve both utilities and parking problems as well as lighting and ventilation of apartments. Spatial quality resides in the provision of commercial functions and the creation of common recreational spaces that can eventually lead to greater mobility and greater communication mood among the inhabitants of the assembly.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: research by project, mobility, housing, UAUIM

Text integral/Full text