Performanţe structurale ale pereţilor din pământ realizaţi prin tehnologii de punere în operă specifice

Felicia Enache, Aurelian Gruin, Cornelia Baeră, Bogdan Bolborea

Rezumat/Abstract. Research and laboratory tests on clay-based compositions with / without reinforcement elements of natural fibers (wheat straw) were carried out within the framework of the research program in order to construct bearing elements for structural systems in the earth. The results of the tests revealed the positive contribution of the reinforcement materials to the reduction of axial contraction and the cracking of the finished element as well as to the increase of the mechanical strengths (bending and compressive strength) of the earth mixtures made by the rammed earth method and cob earth.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: rammed earth, cob earth, straw, walls of the earth

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