Cercetări experimentale privind sisteme de fundare inovative

Carmen Dico, Andreea Hegyi, Brădu. Alexandru Ionescu, Adrian Lăzărescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Choosing of design solution and the building achievement involves, among other things, identifying of optimal solution for foundation execution. The choice of the foundation solution is made considering several factors, including the soil nature, the seismic specificity, the geometry and massiveness of the whole building, the range of use predicted etc. The interaction between soil and structure is one of the major potential factors, involved in design and structural behavior assessing. In terms of soil conditions, they are grouped in good soils, medium soils and difficult soils. Sometimes, it is preferable to adopt an innovative foundation solution compared to a classical one. The aim of this paper is to present an innovative solution for foundations achievement, in difficult soils situations, with reduced stability, especially for light structures, with temporary use, located in difficult geotechnical conditions.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: innovative foundation systems, concrete, unstable ground

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