Cercetări experimentale privind încercarea in-situ a grinzilor din beton armat prin încărcări statice – studiu de caz

Adrian Lăzărescu, Henriette Szilagyi, Andreea Hegyi, Carmen Dico

Rezumat/Abstract. Sometimes there are reinforced concrete structures for which conventional computational methods are not sufficient to demonstrate their intended use. In-situ tests are conclusive to determine the ability of a structure to support additional loads, to determine its safety in the event of some design or construction deficiencies, degradation, or lack of design data. Thus, in-situ analysis validates the theoretical design approaches, in order to obtain data on the behavior of the studied elements. The aim of this research is to present the groundwork and objectives of in-situ testing of reinforced concrete elements of buildings, with a view to possible structural assessments and to present the methods for carrying out the tests.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: in-situ testing, reinforced concrete, static load tests

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