Dezvoltarea betonului verde prin integrarea compoziţională a adaosurilor minerale locale (subproduse sau deşeuri)

Henriette Szilagyi, Cornelia Baeră, Anamaria Cătălina Mircea, Adrian Lăzărescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Continuous optimisation of waste management, natural resource saving and simultaneous environmental preservation represent the base foundation concept of Circular Economy (CE). Its applicability in the construction industry involves rapid identification of innovation opportunities for increasing materials performances and reducing their production costs (energy and raw material input), by using the smart design and efficient technological processes. Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation are consequently essential for the overall achievement of these ideological goals and therefor they are treated as priority axes at European and national level as well. The magnitude of the construction industry and its huge impact in the everyday life creates the general, optimum context so the Building Material science is a strategic investment fields for achieving the sustainable development.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: sustainability, circular economy, mineral addition, green concrete, fly ash

Text integral/Full text