SBI – test ”cheie” în determinarea performanţei de reacţie la foc a produselor pentru construcţii

Daniela Stoica, Adrian Simion, Horaţiu Gabriel Dragne

Rezumat/Abstract. In order for Romania to join the European single market, the harmonized Euroclass system for assessing the fire reaction performance of construction products was adopted at national level, in accordance with the Decision 94/611 / EC implementing Article 20 of Directive 89 / 106 / EEC on construction products in the field of fire safety. The aim of this harmonization is to facilitate trade of construction products between EU member countries by eliminating trade barriers created by the differences between test methods and classification systems. Thus, to determine the fire behaviour of construction products that are sold in Europe, the test method "Single Burning Item (SBI)" is used, according to the test method in standard EN 13823. The performance classes regarding the reaction to fire of the construction products, with the exception of the floors and of the thermal insulation products for the linear pipe, defined by the test with the SBI equipment, are: A2, B, C, and D, followed by the indications s1, s2 or s3 (for smoke emission), respectively d0, d1 or d2 (for droplets or burning particles).

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: SBI, reaction to fire, test method, FIGRA, smoke, classification

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