Essential aspects concerning fire resistance of construction elements intended for person transport

Horaţiu Gabriel Dragne, Claudiu Matei

Rezumat/Abstract. Understanding the fire behavior of different construction products was the aim of fire researchers since the beginning of this research in all areas. Person transport has been developing in the last years because of the technological progress made in this area. The fire safety of those must continue to develop with those technological advancements. Fire resistance tests are intended to assess the performance of elements of construction for their load-bearing or fire separating properties, usually termed their fire resistance, for their regulated use in buildings. The other main requirement for fire resistance is in mass transportation, where typically each industry has its own suite of tests. The determination was made in accordance with SR EN 45545-3: 2013 "Fire protection of vehicles on rails", with SR EN 4554-3: 2013 "Railway applications. Fire protection in railway vehicles. Part 3: Fire resistance requirements of fire barriers ", with SR EN 1363-1: 2012" Fire resistance tests. Part 1: General conditions ", with SR EN 1634-1: 2014 "Fire resistance and smoke tightness tests for doors, shutters, windows and fittings" and with SR EN 1364-1: 2015 "Resistance tests at fire of the unimportant elements. Part 1: Walls”.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: fire resistance, person transport, train cabin fire, railway applications

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