Analiza structurală şi propuneri de consolidare a Bisericii Franciscane din Cetatea Aradului

Alexandru Ion, Marius Moşoarcă, Constantin Ion

Rezumat/Abstract. This article aims to present the results of a study carried out in the field of determining the bearing capacity of a historic Church type building, restored with reversible materials, technologies and consolidation methods. The Franciscan Monastery in Arad fortress is an historical building. The poor maintenance of this building led to the severe degradation of its structural resistance over the years. A nonlinear analysis was made on the structure and it showed that the building would have severe structural degradation after an earthquake. Some consolidation methods have been proposed for the walls, arches, vaults, pillars, towers and foundations. After a second nonlinear analysis with the consolidation methods the structure shows a 23% increase of its bearing capacity.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: masonry, consolidation, church, monument, restauration

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