Tendinţe în evoluţia economico-socială a societăţii in condiţii de risc si incertitudine

Marilena Doncean, Gheorghe Doncean

Rezumat/Abstract. Systems emerge and develop according to objective laws that are uncovered by exploring massive amounts of information. In the field of invention, the possibilities for exploring anything new are considered and analysed with simple methods and with minimal errors. This is based on the objective laws of system development and contradiction (the improvement in one attribute irrefutably leads to deterioration in another). In terms of its methodology and theoretical-scientific underpinnings, the present paper draws on the comparative approach of works by contemporary domestic and foreign economists, on publications by specialists in the field, on technical and economic documentation, comments, periodicals and scientific articles.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: risk, system, contraction, model

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