Metode de valorificare a deşeurilor de tipul compozitelor post-consum provenite din industria materialelor de construcţii

Cristian Grigoraşenco

Rezumat/Abstract. For several years, the construction sector has been focusing on minimizing the exploitation of resources and waste resulting on construction sites. This was one of the arguments of the political involvement of the capital of Brussels in favor of the implementation of a regional action plan for the circular economy, focusing on the reuse (and not the recycling) of the building materials, especially in the renovation projects. As part of a large development project (eco-quartier - pilot site), a concrete experiment was carried out on the demolition of building materials for reuse in the same building. Several tons of materials (wall and floor finishes) were recovered from a building by a demolition operator. These materials were prepared for reuse and then sold to the site owner in agreement with its architects. This reuse experiment is a good example of how circular economy is applied and to support sustainable development in the construction sector: the social and economic aspect has been reinforced by the use of low skilled local workers, the reuse benefits for the environment are mainly related to retaining the extraction of new resources and economic benefits mainly resides in the resale of valuable materials that were initially destined to be crushed and recycled by losing their value.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: demolition, reuse, renovation

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