Obiectivele şi principiile diferite ale procesului de planificare a regenerării urbane. Cerinţele cadru pentru amplasarea/localizarea proiectelor de regenerare urbană în contextul elaborării P.U.G.: studii de caz ale localităţilor Focşani, Hunedoara, Caransebeş, Moldova Nouă

Mihai-Alexandru Moţcanu-Dumitrescu, Mădălina Moţcanu-Dumitrescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Today, because of the population growth, the tendency on cities and urbanization increase gradually. Depend on these tendencies, the requirements of planning and location of the settlements and facilities areas on cities are came up with the migration from rural areas to urban areas. In this process, in addition to physical and environmental factors especially the socio-economic factors should be regarded as main component of sustainable urbanization. And also sustainable policies for urban development created by local governances have an effective role. Furthermore, determination of the urban development areas through the cities, land use and land cover structures are required as well. However, both the industrial areas, military facilities, public facilities areas are located in core of the cities even if without sub-scale urban land use planning. So these areas have to be re-allocated with urban regeneration projects to support for better urbanization. Based on the evaluations mentioned above, this paper outlines the requirements and criteria for location of urban regeneration areas. And also it is comprised to some approaches for integrated urban regeneration projects for provide the sustainability.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: reconstruction, urban regeneration, industrial areas, criteria, transformation

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