Tehnologii de realizare a materialului geopolimer cu sau fără tratament termic

Brăduţ Alexandru Ionescu, Adrian-Victor Lăzărescu, Andreea Hegyi

Rezumat/Abstract. The term geopolymer was originally introduced by the French chemist Davidovits, representing a wide range of anorganic materials. According to him, among the nine different classes of geopolymers, geopolymer concrete is of particular interest, consisting of materials containing aluminosilicates that could be used to completely replace the amount of Portland cement in ordinary concrete. The aim of this study is to present relevant data in the field of alkali-activated geopolymer materials regarding the production of this type of materials using both ambiental and heat curring and studing the differences between the two procedures.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: geopolymers, fly ash, curring time

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