Locuirea socială în Franța – caracteristici și finanțare

Alina Chicoș, Constantin Chifelea, Cristina Ivana, Thibaut Maraquin

Rezumat/Abstract. During the economic crisis, the difficulty to access housing has increased due to the shrinking of purchasing power, which accentuated the preference for rented social housing. Persistent jobs crisis, accentuated during of economic recession periods, makes housing to become a central issue of public policies against poverty and exclusion. By mobilizing all social actors involved in housing policy, France may be one of the best examples in Europe on addressing social housing sector. In this context, in 2014, HLM organizations were involved in increasing the supply of rented housing, thereby supporting the needs of French population. They were able to form a partnership with the State in order to implement a plan for investment in housing, which resulted in the HLM Agenda for 2015 – 2018, including a number of specific objectives and concrete measures designed to achieve each objective established.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: social housing, HLM housing, housing finance

Text integral/Full text