Produse, procedee şi echipamente pentru construcţii: evaluarea performanței prin agrement tehnic 1995 – 2015

Alina Cobzaru, Cristian Grigorasenco

Rezumat/Abstract. Dedicated within the contextual framework of the events of NIRD URBAN-INCERC anniversary ninth edition of the research conference, the paper proposes a synthetic retrospective appreciation of 20 years standing of URBAN-INCERC, between 1995-2015, to assess the performance of systems, materials, elements or equipments for applications in construction, by Technical Approvals. Methods of analysis used in this paper include: - European and international literature survey on technical documents that regulate the activity of developing national technical approvals or European technical assessments. - Legislative framework and methodological specification, which made possible NIRD URBAN-INCERC in Romania during 1995 - 2015, to be a representative Technical Approval Body in the construction sector, consecutively with Romania EU integration. Impact provided by these national technical approvals elaborated in this period at NIRD URBAN-INCERC specialized groups, as professional services of technical expertise for manufacturers, suppliers, investors or developers in construction.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Romanian Technical Approvals Body, construction products, performance evaluation

Text integral/Full text