Materiale de rostuire pentru plăcile de gips carton. Determinarea încărcării de rupere prin metoda tracţiunii

Carmen Dico, Andreea Hegyi, Oana Cazan, Horia Constantinescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Gypsum plasterboards, together with a variety of other gypsum products continue to provide an efficient and economical solution for interior walls, ceilings, etc. in residential and commercial construction. Till now, the conducted research in this area are not many and are mainly focused on the evaluation of mechanical resistance, earthquake behavior of structures and capacity of thermal insulation of gypsum plaster boards or of various composite systems which include them. The purpose of this paper is to carry out a comparative study on the influence of using multiple grouting materials, for bonding gypsum plasterboards on breaking load, determined by the traction. Initially it was considered the hypothesis of maximum compatibility between products recommended by the manufacturer (the gypsum board and the grouting material). As a measure of the compatibility degree was used the breaking load resistance determined by the traction. The used materials were: gypsum plasterboards (3 types), grouting materials (3 types) and reinforcement glass fiber tape, which was the same in all the specimens made. The experimental results showed that the initial assumption regarding a maximum compatibility between the materials of the same manufacturer, or recommended by the manufacturer of gypsum plasterboards was invalidated. The degree of compatibility between materials, especially measured against the chosen indicator is influenced by many parameters, some of them being analyzed (adhesion of the grouting material to gypsum board, the surface water absorption of the board, geometric profile of the board edges), others of them have not been analyzed or identified. Further research is needed to identify the essential feature of the gypsum plasterboard which showed a high compatibility with all grouting material, regardless of its origin.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: gypsum plasterboards, breaking strength, grouting material, products compatibility

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